ANDRÉ DURAND Twenty-First Century Paintings

WITH CHRIST IN THE NEXT by André Durand (2006) (Saint George, England, Virgin Mary, Philip Howard, Jesuit)



Dimensions: 162x162

Oil on linen



Visitors to the Tower of London today can still see this inscription cut by Howard over the fireplace in the Beauchamp Tower:Quanto plus afflictionis pro Christo in hoc saeculo, tanto plus gloriae cum Christo in futuro. Arundell June 22 1587.

“The more affliction we endure for Christ in this world, the more glory we shall obtain with Christ in the next."

After the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 anti-Catholicism swept England.
Saint Philip Howard (1557 – 1595), the thirteenth Earl of Arundel was tried for a second time (Howard had been lodged in the Tower in1585 and examined before the Star Chamber, found guilty of treason, fined £10,000 and committed to prison at the Queen’s pleasure) before the King’s Bench and falsely charged with praying for a Spanish victory and again found guilty. His sentence: to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

In 1592 Robert Southwell, the poet, Jesuit and martyr was also imprisoned in the Tower of London for three years and tortured thirteen times. Southwell communicated with Howard during Arundel’s long term of imprisonment by notes smuggled between their cells. Because Arundel’s dog would sometimes follow the warder into Southwell’s cell, the lieutenant of the Tower suggested in mockery that he supposed the dog had gone to get the priest’s blessing. Howard replied, “Marry! It is no news for irrational creatures to seek blessings at the hands of holy men. Saint Jerome writes how those lions which had digged with their paws Saint Paul the Hermit’s grave stood after waiting with their eyes upon Saint Antony expecting his blessing”.

Weakened by malnutrition exciting a suspicion of having been poisoned, Arundel died on 19th October 1595. He was 39 years old and had spent the last eleven years of his life in the Tower of London.