ANDRÉ DURAND Twenty-First Century Paintings

THE EVANGELISTS by André Durand (2009) (Patmos, Greece, Evangelist, Jesus, Saint John, gospel, Ephesus)



Dimensions: 120 x 120

Oil on linen



Barry Unsworth – The Guardian, Saturday 4 October 2008

“John, son of Zebedee, was one of the first apostles to be called. Now centenarian, blinded by the searing light of his vision of the last days, he is in exile on the island of Patmos, waiting for the second coming, which he believes to be imminent. His small and devoted band of disciples wait with him, first on Patmos and then, when the exile is lifted, at Ephesus, where he goes to preach and to die. Through the long years of hardship not the slightest sign has come to him. As he waits, he goes over events distant in time but vividly present to his mind. He remembers the summons, the person of Jesus, the ministry, the passion. As time passes, some of the younger disciples grow restless and rebellious; one of them, Matthias, foments this feeling and heads a breakaway heretical faction.”

by Niall Williams