ANDRÉ DURAND Twenty-First Century Paintings

SACRED CONVERSATION 2000 by André Durand (2000) (Padre Pio, Virgin Mary, Archangel, Saint Sebastian, Saint George)



Dimensions: 243.84 x 172.72

Oil on linen


André Durand painted Sacra Conversazione 2000 to commemorate the beatification of Padre Pio, St. Pio of Pietrelcina (25 May 1887 – 23 September 1968). Among the lower tier figures, in the right-hand corner is the prayerful Capuchin priest clasping a lamb accompanied by Saint Francis and Maximilian Kolbe, a Polish Conventual Franciscan friar, canonized as Saint Maximilian Kolbe on 10 October 1982 by Pope John Paul II, who declared him the The Patron Saint of Our Difficult Century. In the left corner are Saint Sebastian, Saint George holding a shield in which the artist has included a self-portrait and Saint Roch with his faithful hound, saints traditionally invoked in times of plague.The pelican symbol in Christian iconography signifies the Passion of Jesus and of the Eucharist. According to legend, in a time of famine a mother pelican would draw blood from her own chest and give the blood to her chicks.

Sacred Conversation 2000 on display
Church of the Immaculate Conception
Farm Street, Mayfair, London

In the lunette the archangel Michael raises the body of Christ on his shield. The Virgin Mary, holding a rosary of white roses presides over Durand’s composition, unifying the upper and lower tiers. A secondary scene of the Annunciation can be seen in the middle distance.