ANDRÉ DURAND Twenty-First Century Paintings

ORPHIC MYSTERY by André Durand (2006) (female nude, saint, snake, Orpheus, male nude, forest)



Dimensions: 162 x 162

Oil on linen



Monteverdi: Orfeo
Libretto by Alessandro Striggio

In a flowery meadow,
with her other companions,
she was wandering, gathering flowers
to make of them a garland for her tresses,
when a treacherous snake
that was lurking in the grass
bit her in the foot with its venomous fangs.
And lo, immediately her fair face
lost its colour, and in her eyes that lustre
with which she put the sun to shame grew dim.
Then we all, horrified and dismayed,
were around her, seeking to revive
her ebbing spirits
with cold water and powerful spells;
but alas! all was in vain,
for opening her drooping eyes a little
and calling for you, Orpheus,
after a deep sigh
she expired in my arms; and I was left
with my heart full of pity and fear

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