ANDRÉ DURAND Twenty-First Century Paintings

NARCISSUS by André Durand (2001) (Narcissus, myth, male nude, Ovid)



Dimensions: 61 x 48

Oil on linen

Private collection, Rome


….Here Narcissus, tired of hunting and the heated noon, lay down, attracted by the peaceful solitudes
595 and by the glassy spring. There as he stooped to quench his thirst another thirst increased.While he is drinking he beholds himself
reflected in the mirrored pool—and loves;loves an imagined body which contains
600 no substance, for he deems the mirrored shade a thing of life to love. He cannot move,for so he marvels at himself, and lies with countenance unchanged, as if indeed a statue carved of Parian marble

Ovid’s Metamorphoses : Echo and Narcissus